Disservices of the Net, and Alternatives

"Social Media" (is a farce, anyway.)



Gmail | Hotmail/Outlook | Yahoo


Debian | Dismail | Disroot | Posteo | Riseup |

TheXYZ (for business)

Search Engines


Google | Yahoo | Bing | Yandex


SEARX | Metager | wiby (small sites)



Better (but barely get updated)

Great (and get updated regularly)

Useful Addons

Good VPNS:

Mullvad- sign up completely anonymously | Airvpn- great security.

Everything else cannot compare. Also, don't listen to the self-proclaimed, "Lord of VPNs", Tom Spark Reviews, he is actually the Lord of Shills. He recommends the VPN Torguard righteously, even though its based in America, is slow as hell when connecting, and asks for way to much personal information (althought you don't have to put real stuff.) He doesn't know what he's talking about.

GNU/Linux Distros

Check out this great article for an excellent explanation of the most used distributions. Major Distributions

Free (Libre) GNU/Linux Distros

Pure OS | Trisquel | Parabola | gNewSense

You can find the others at FSF-Free Distros.

Very Private and Secure GNU/Linux Distros

Tails | Whonix | Qubes