How to Live Privately

The Three Main Points:

  1. Always pay with cash.
  2. Don't use the Internet.
  3. Never, ever, identify yourself.

All the Rest:

  1. Don't talk with others.
  2. Don't describe yourself.
  3. Leave the bank.
  4. Don't use credit.
  5. Never give your name or address unless you absolutely need to. (The only reason you'd might is gov. is asking. and even then...fight for your right.)
  6. Don't buy stuff.
  7. Don't travel.
  8. Change your name, to create a new profile of "you".
  9. Delete your online accounts.
  10. Don't use tech.
  11. Only send PGP-encrypted emails.
  12. Talk, in person. (and/or use cans and wires for increased "encryption".)
  13. Walk, take a bus or bike/scooter/skateboard/rollerblade instead of drive. (since cars are unfortunately tied to your identity.)
  14. Use a trust to buy property.
  15. Use physical keys instead of RFID/tappable cards.
  16. Leave the oppression of the city, policing, government, the cameras, surveillance, society.
  17. Say goodbye to the internet.
  18. And hello to life again.
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